Fancy an insightful laugh? – Then ask your child too!


Well as promised below are the same set of questions I published recently, but with my 8 yr old son answering! It is so interesting getting into the head of child. If you are a parent or aunt/uncle I recommend you try this out with your child – just play with it. Make sure they know that you’ve done the questions also (so they feel valued rather than interrogated) and just be casual and let them take the lead with it and try not to comment or put words in their mouth as there is definitely no right or wrong with this one! It is so insightful as you lose the filters of family roles so you can see this mini human for who they really are in this big lovely world. We both had really good fun doing it!! The cat one is my favourite

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Well lots of people. So if I was climbing a mountain it would be someone special at mountain climbing, if I was doing a maths test I’d think of someone clever, If I was doing race for life I would think of someone that had cancer and if I was scared of a spider I would think of someone like Steve Backshall and what he would do.

What have you learnt about yourself as you’ve got older?

Adults have been alive longer and know more and are wiser but children have a lot of stuff we can do that adults can’t like climbing in small spaces or get a ball and we know things that adults don’t. As adults are wiser we can tell each other different things and we both become equal and help each other.

If you had to give one piece of life-changing advice what would it be?

Be open-minded and think whatever happens is because the world has something better for you. So if you want one job and you don’t get it it’s because god is thinking of something better for you even though you may love that job.

How do you make a good decision?

I’d choose the opposite of what you (his mum!) choose – then we both try different things.

If you weren’t you who would you be?

A cat. It would be great as people would look after me, I could have a lazy life, I could go outside and be adventurous, I could eat what I want, I could meeow and I’ll get more food!

Optimist or pessimist? (see things in a happy way or unhappy way)

In-between. If it’s a sunny day I would be happy and excited as we could go to the beach but if it was a rainy day I might be cross.

What is the key to a happy life?

Think positive and if you don’t want to go to school you would have to and if you think about it you would probably miss lots of fun. Always do something that you don’t want to do.

Have fun xxx

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