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Pssst….Here’s the secret to making your dreams come true!


Spring is finally making itself known with blossom petals covering us as my son and I walk to school and the sun is starting to warm up with promises of summer fun.  It’s my favourite time of year! :)

At this time of year we find ourselves revisiting all those new year resolutions from those chillier months not so long ago in another attempt to get fit, eat healthily, change our jobs, do things differently …all ready for the summer.

  • But what if we didn’t just seek a quick fix?
  • What if we could make these changes permanent, dramatically making our lives better and brighter?
  • What if permanent happiness was possible right now?

Visioning and vision boards are a powerful way to make changes become a reality, sometimes immediately! Used with a meditation philosophy (I use and teach a modern meditation technique called Mind Calm) you can identify what changes you really want to make in your life and what truly makes your heart sing…you’ll probably be very surprised as it never is what you think!  I call this process ‘giving your heart eyes’.

To really help you understand the principles of putting together a vision board I have been interviewed in a free Podcast for the SuperMum programme and it’s a 35minute show on how visioning really can improve your life.  I have attached it to this blog, so sit back and enjoy!  (NB The SuperMum podcast programme is being launched in a couple of months, we have just been given this early as a lovely gift from Lisa York, SuperMum founder)

And if you want to know more, please get in touch. I’m also holding two afternoon workshops in June to get you started, just click on the dates below for more information.

Saturday 18 June, Introduction to Mind Calm

Saturday 25 June, Introduction to Your Dreams Start Now!